1966 Barbie Doll was the year that the bendable leg Barbie soared in popularity; it is suggested that some of these dolls may have been released with stronger/heavier face make-up and darker lipstick shades, these dolls also had quite long hair. Collectors remark that these dolls are hard to find today and are expensive if one does pop up on the vintage market. In this same year Mattel released another new doll called The Colour Magic Barbie (item #1150). This doll was issued with long straight hair in the colours of Midnight Black which could be dyed to Ruby Red and Golden Blonde which could be dyed to a Scarlet Flame colour; she was a bendable leg doll and had the same Patent marks on her as Miss Barbie, but Made in Japan was added to the patent marking.

These dolls too are extremely rare to find in good condition today as the dolls came with a colour magic solution to dye the dolls hair into a different colour and then it could be changed back again. Constant colour changes to the dolls hair would see the hair breaking down over time and falling out. Colour magic could also be used on the Colour N Curls wigs which were issued in the previous year (1965).

The 1966 Barbie Doll was released wearing a diamond patterned green and yellow one piece swim suit (which could also change colour) plus a matching head band. A new doll was added to the Barbie 1966 Vintage family; she was the fresh and Modern Francie Doll. Francie was Barbie’s young cousin and she was the first doll produced for the upcoming ‘Mod Era’, she is a shorter slimmer doll than barbie. A new Barbie case  was released with a Swirl Ponytail Doll wearing a Fashion Queen bathing suit; this doll case is very rare to find today as not many were manufactured.

Barbie was going to have to change with the times if she was going to keep up with the new, hip Swinging Sixties Era that had hit the mid sixties. It would be the era of the short mini skirt, loud pastel colours, big boots, long hair and loud hip music.

1966 Barbie Doll introduced her ‘Mod’ cousin Francie #1140, she is a straight leg doll and wears a two piece bathing costume combining a white top with red dots and white & red  check shorts and red shoes. This gorgeous doll is one of my favourites, she was available as brunette or blonde flip style shoulder length hair with a straight fringe (bangs). Her eyes were brown and her eyelashes painted and she came boxed with her own stand and fashion book.

Francie was also produced in 1966 Barbie Doll year with bendable legs and very realistic rooted eyelashes which accelerated doll sales to new heights that year! The realistic eyelashes were an instant hit; Francie came dressed in a one piece bathing suit, white shoes, an eyelash brush, a wire doll stand and fashion booklet. She is very collectable today as she was in 1966.

A new friend for Skipper was introduced called Skooter with bendable legs wearing a red top with white spots, blue shorts and red shoes.

The Allan Doll was discontinued after 1966.