1965 Barbie Doll was a big year for Barbie as several new dolls were released including a Gold Seal Edition. The 1965 Barbie also seen the release of a new improved bendable leg doll (stock #1070). This wonderful new (now Vintage) release was sporting a new hairstyle which looked similar to a long page-boy cut (down to the chin). The Hair varied in textures from time to time depending on the fiber used, her lipstick was shades of coral or pink. This doll was named the ‘American Girl’ and she is still a popular collectable vintage item today and can command high prices from the doll market. Her ears were not pierced and she wore a multi colored striped swim-suit top and a turquoise jersey swim- suit bottom with matching shoes.

She is a gorgeous looking doll and later versions of the American Girl would be produced with much longer hair (1966). She was also manufactured with a side-part hairstyle with a head band. Very rare to find now as not alot of them were produced and they can reach prices as much as $1,500 .

1965 Barbie Doll was issued with many new outfits for the doll to be dressed up in; this was also the year that (the now extremely rare) boxed Dressed in Special Outfits dolls were issued. These were produced in small Limited Editions that would be sold for a short time and then disappear. These dolls were dressed in specific outfits and sold in special plastic lined boxes that had a gold seal on the front of the box.

Two of these very rare dressed boxed dolls are the Ken Doll dressed as King Arthur (item #0773) and a Bubble cut Barbie dressed as Guinevere (item #0873). These dolls are so rare now most collectors say they have never seen one! Another rare boxed doll is the Silhouette Pink Boxed doll dressed in specific outfits. This box is pink with grey and white pictures of Barbie on the outside of the box. It is suggested that the ‘Dressed Boxed Dolls’ were sold to department stores to use as display models only and had ‘Dressed Display Doll’  marked on the box.

A second doll was issued the same year with a gold seal on a clear plastic covered box marked ‘Dressed Doll’, these dolls were sold as Exclusive Editions from 1964 & 1965 in small numbers which makes them very rare and very valuable to today’s collectors.

Other dolls released in 1965 Barbie Doll year was the Scooter doll (straight leg) (item #1040) and the Ricky doll (item #1090) which were friends of the Skipper doll. The Bendable Leg Barbie was produced in the Swirl Ponytail and the popular Bubblecut design dolls, but some issues were produced with a side part in the style, this version is now rare due to the cost of producing these dolls at the time. All hair colors were produced including a new ash brown color.

Mattel seen a change in the 1965 Barbie doll with the release of the Bendable Leg Midge Doll.