1964 Barbie Doll seen Barbie World under go another change to her hairstyle; she still had her popular ponytail but now had a soft sleek lock of hair draped across her forehead which replaced the bangs. This doll is known to collectors as The Swirl Ponytail Barbie Doll (item #0850). Swirl Ponytail Barbie was issued with various hair colors including blonde, white ginger, brown brunette, titian red, and jet black brunette. Barbie’s lipstick colour ranged broadened to include light lavender, variations of reds and pinks, coral and orange; some of these colour combinations are extremely hard to find today. It is worth remembering that Barbie’s make-up was hand painted so no two dolls are exactly alike.
The 1964 Barbie Doll was released in the same red bathing suit as her predecessors. This same year seen the release of yet another spectacular new doll called ‘Miss Barbie’ (item #1060). This was the only Barbie doll ever produced by the Mattel Company that had ‘Sleep Eyes’, and she is extremely rare and almost non existent to find in mint condition today…..This doll was also the first to have rubber bendable legs and a plastic moulded head (like 1963 Barbie) with an orange head band. She was dressed in a pink jersey bathing suit that had a skirt attached to it, a pink swimming cap and pink open toed shoes. Miss Barbie’s three wigs consisted of a blonde flip style wig, a red Bubblecut and a Brunette page- boy wig.
This 1964 Barbie Doll is extremely hard to find these days as there was a misfortunate condition in the doll that seen a chemical reaction occur between the rubber inserts of the wigs and the plastic head of the doll, which resulted in the dolls head melting in places and causing dents and scarring on her head and face. In saying all that, there are some dolls that were not inflicted with this condition and usually come onto the market via estate sales or from a collector selling dolls from their collection. A mint doll will command a high buying price, but well worth it.
The Patent on Miss Barbie reads:  Copyright 1958 Mattel, inc. U.S. Patented U.S. Pat.Pend.   Also on this doll there is the mark:  Copyright M.I.  on her neck.

Another version of the Ken Barbie doll was released in this year along with a new doll named the Allan Doll. 1964 also saw the release of a doll created to be Barbie’s little sister, her name was Skipper (item #0950). The Skipper Doll would go on to be one of the most popular of Barbie dolls family.
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