1963 Barbie Doll seen Mattel release another Barbie Doll called ‘The Fashion Queen Barbie’ ( item #870 )This stunning doll was made with plastic moulded brown hair with a blue head band; this was a great idea on Mattel’s part as it made it possible for you to change the dolls hair whenever you wanted too! Each doll came with a set of three different fitted wigs that could change Barbie’s look; the wigs came on a white stand. The three wigs supplied were a blonde Bubblecut hairstyle, a red flip ponytail style and a brunette page boy hairstyle.

This doll became a huge hit with children and doll collectors! Mattel had stepped up yet again and gave the public a wonderful Barbie that would be loved and collected for many years to come! She is truly awesome and very collectable today, 48 years later!

This doll was dressed in a gold and white striped strapless swimsuit with an Egyptian type head turban, pearl earrings and open toed white shoes. Her lipstick and nail polish colour was either coral or beige. 1963 Barbie Doll was the first doll classified as ‘The Hair Play Dolls’ and they became very popular. Also this doll was sometimes referred to as The Wigs doll. She is today classified as a vintage collectable.

Another doll released in this year was The Midge Doll (item #860) and she was the first doll marketed as Barbie’s best friend, she was the same size as Barbie which meant she could share Barbie’s clothing line. The Midge Doll patent read ;  Midge TM Copyright 1962 Barbie R Copyright 1958 by Mattel, Inc.

1963 Barbie doll ‘The Fashion Queen’  has straight legs and body; she came with a carry case to hold the doll and wigs. This doll has the same patent on her body as the Midge Doll.

Fashion Queen Barbie was highly desired by collectors and still is today by the collector books and guides.