1962 Barbie Doll was the year the Ponytail and Bubblecut Barbie dolls were being issued in several hair colors and lipstick shades. The Barbie Fashions were now being modeled on Designer clothes and labels, each piece had a black and white signature label stitched on the inside of each garment.

Barbie Designer outfits were given names such as ‘ Solo in the Spotlight’. Barbie clothes were now being made out of fabrics like real fur, satins, Linen and silk materials. Meticulous work was done to put press studs, tiny buttons and working small zippers on coats, jackets, skirts, dresses and slacks, all to give the buyer that designer look for their lovely Barbie. Beautiful lace and ribbon was used for evening frocks, veils and hats. Mattel went all out with this designer wardrobe and it paid off with the appreciation of doll buyers and more over, doll collectors all over the world……

1962 Barbie Doll seen an explosion of Barbie doll accessories; tiny handbags, sunglasses, hats, brushes, combs, jewelery, coat hangers for her lovely clothing line and many, many other small accessories were made scale to size for  various dolls. Barbie now had new outfits for shopping, sport, parties, dances, evening wear and formal wear.

There was a Barbie Fan Club, the Barbie Dream House and the Barbie Car. Also being produced were items such as Barbie Trading Cards, Barbie Doll Books (hardcover’s, soft covers, sticker and coloring books), lunch-boxes, Barbie Travel Bags and Barbie Cases, all with her name and Barbie Doll Image.

The dolls hair color now ranged in varying shades of blonde, brunette, brown, red and black. All dolls came out of production dressed in a red cotton knit jersey tank top style bathing suit with red open toed slip on shoes and pearl stud earrings. Barbie lipstick color ranged from red, pink and coral, she also retained her trademark finger nail/ toe polish.

1962 Barbie Doll was also the year that the second Ken Barbie Doll was released. These early versions of the Ken Doll are now very collectable and can command high prices amongst collectors. Just like early Barbie’s, Ken Dolls are hard to find in excellent/mint condition.