1961 Barbie Doll sees some of the best dolls created by Mattel; Vintage #5 Ponytail Barbie had a hollow body which was much lighter and Mattel also introduced the first red haired doll or Titian Barbie as she was referred to, (titian being the shade of red) (She would go on to be very collectable). The hair texture went from a soft Saran strand to a much more resilient synthetic fibre,which would handle childs play and also washing of the hair, and Barbie still retained her curly bangs (fringe).

1961 Barbie Doll was the first of the Vintage Collection Dolls to wear a foil tag on her tiny wrist; the markings on the right side of her bottom were now   Barbie R Pats. Pending MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc.

Some collectors speak about some dolls that are known as Transitional Dolls; these are dolls that may have a #4 head on a #3 body (or vice versa), also some dolls  had quite different textured hair. This happened on occasion due to over production of Barbie parts and not wishing to waste any over produced doll parts, some dolls were put together with a combination of #3 & #4 parts.

The Titian haired dolls were manufactured and released in smaller amounts; this makes these 1961 Barbie Vintage dolls now highly collectible.

This unique doll was also released with a braided ponytail, and again, only a few dolls of this type were released and thus makes her a rare vintage doll.

The quality of Barbie Clothing was stepped up even further in 1961 and the designs were exceptional. Barbie Accessories too were growing at a rapid rate. Vinyl doll cases and trunks were available along with cardboard cut-outs of shop fronts etc, fashion leaflets and more.

Another new Barbie doll was produced and issued in this year; she had a short, full hair style known as the Bubblecut, which is very similar to the bouffant style of 60’s era. These dolls were produced as Blonde Bubblecut Barbie, Brunette Bubblecut Barbie, Titian Bubblecut Barbie and varying colour versions in between as in browns, chocolate, white ginger, strawberry blonde etc.

1961 Barbie seen the release of a limited edition doll, the White Ginger Bubblecut Barbie. There was not alot of them made so she is now quite rare and expensive if you do come across one in great/mint condition. She is a gorgeous doll with delicate subtle make-up, and for me, stands out from other bubblecuts (bubbles for short).

1961 Barbie Doll Bubblecuts became so popular that Mattel continued to produce them until 1967, and they are still among the most popular of the Vintage Barbie Dolls collected today. 1961 also seen the first Ken Barbie Doll produced and released. The Ken Doll would be Barbie’s boyfriend for many years to come.

Some of the Barbie outfits of this time were the;

  • ‘Registered Nurse’  stock item #991.
  • ‘Golden Elegance’  stock item #992.
  • ‘Theatre Date’  stock item #959.
  • ‘Swinging Easy’  stock #955.

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