1959 Barbie Doll is the first year of production of the Barbie doll. (In the first two years of production there would be five different versions of the doll produced.) The first Barbie doll produced is still the original and rarest as she was made differently to all others that came after her. She was stock #850 as she is known to collectors or #1. Barbie 1959 is an eleven and a half inch doll in a one piece black and white stripped of the shoulder bathing suit, blonde ponytail, sunglasses, gold hooped earrings and black high heeled slip on shoes standing on a round black plastic doll stand.

The now rare, unique, original dolls have qualities and characteristics that distinguish them from later dated dolls and the much later reproductions of the original doll. The 1959 Barbie doll is classified as a vintage doll that had soft saran texture blonde hair in a ponytail style with a soft curly fringe (the fringe was known as bangs). The dolls face was hand painted (by Japanese factory workers), she had V shaped eyebrows with dark eyes set with thick black eye-liner around the eye, a rigid upper eye lid painted black as well as red nail polish/ toe polish,and vivid red lips. The bottom of her feet had holes in them that had hollow copper tubing inserted so that the two prongs that stood up from the stand could be pushed into the copper tubing to hold the doll upright on the stand. The round stand was black, made of plastic and had the Barbie name inscribed on it. This doll was the only one made this way,as she was quite expensive to produce, hence her rarity now.

The body of the 1959 Barbie Doll was quite solid and was a pale white colour thru to an ivory colour; she had jointed arms, legs and neck which were made of dense rigid plastic that was straight and unable to bend. The original authentic doll will have   Barbie TM Pats. Pending MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc.   On the right side(cheek) of the dolls bottom.

Ruth Handler did not give the doll a personality opting to leave that to the individual child to come up with her own personality for her Barbie doll, this would make the doll unique to every child who owned one.

1959 Barbie Vintage Doll came with separate other outfits and accessories that could be purchased for her so that she could be dressed up many different ways depending on what the owner of the doll wanted her to be on any given day. For example she had a ‘career girls’ three piece outfit for the days she went off to work. Also made were the ‘Plantation Belle’ outfit (stock #966) and ‘Easter Parade’ (stock #971) both of these outfits are now very rare. Or she had her black and white stripped bathers to laze by the pool in on those sunny weekends. As Barbie grew in popularity so did her wardrobe and accessories.

Barbie also had a brunette version manufactured in the same year, although not as many brunette dolls were made in comparison to the blonde dolls. Both Barbie dolls were packaged in a white slender box with coloured bands around the box. With the doll came a fashion booklet which has become rare to find these days.

1959 Barbie Doll Vintage seen a second doll produced (or ponytail #2) and was identical to the #1 doll except for the holes and copper tubing in the feet. The stand was made with a black wire support that fitted around the dolls waist on the pedestal base to hold the doll upright. Ponytail Barbie #2 also came out with blonde or brunette hair.