1969 Barbie Doll was an era of dolls being created on the identity of famous celebrities. The very successful Twiggy (  item #1185) and Buffy ( item # 3577) Barbie dolls convinced Mattel to continue with the Celebrity Series in 1969. The next two dolls produced was The Julia Doll (item #1127) made on the Diahann Carroll nurse character of her television show. She wore a nursing uniform and was produced as a Twist N Turn and a Talking Doll (item #1128). Talking Julia Barbie wore a gold and silver jumpsuit; some dolls were issued with short hair others were issued with an afro hairstyle.

The second celebrity was based on the Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang movie character of ‘Truly Scrumptious’ (the actor was Sally Howes), she was created as a friend for Barbie. Truly Scrumptious standard doll (item #1107) and Talking doll ( item #1108) were fashioned with straight blonde hair tied tightly back, she had blue eyes with rooted eye-lashes.

The Talking ‘Truly’ Doll was dressed in a beautiful black and magenta long frock with a lace bonnet and the standard doll wore pink and white laced long frock with a lace bonnet. The standard doll has the same Patent as the standard Barbie where-as the talking doll has the Patent:¬† c 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. & Foreign Pats. Pend. Mexico.

1969 Barbie also seen the release of the hip and happenin’ doll called Talking PJ (item #1113), another friend for Barbie. This new edition was dressed in a pink and orange flowery designed mini dress. She had long straight blonde hair in pigtails; this doll also had rooted eye-lashes. Her Patent reads the same as Talking Truly Doll with ‘Talking PJ’ added to the patent. A Twist N Turn version of this doll was also manufactured.

The 1969 Barbie Doll seen the release of a new Ken doll he was now Talking Ken (stock #1111). He had bendable legs and spoke six different phrases.

There was a new Twist N Turn Barbie released with a new hairstyle, a long flip hairstyle with spit curls fringe. Also released were the TNT Francie (item #1170), TNT Stacey (item #1165), TNT Skipper (item #1105).