1968 Barbie Doll sees the ‘Mod Era’ moving into top gear with Mattel’s first Talking Barbie Doll, named Talking Barbie (item #1115). She had six different phrases which were recorded on a tiny device within the dolls body. By pulling a chord which was located at the base of the dolls neck you would have her saying one phrase with each pull of the chord.

The Talking Barbie had the same facial mold, bendable legs and rooted eye-lashes as the Twist N Turn Dolls of 1967. Her hair colours were also the same as the previous 1967 dolls. The only difference with the Talking Doll was her hands; the dolls made in Japan had separated fingers, the dolls made in Mexico had molded unseparated fingers.

1968 Barbie Talking Doll had a long ponytail tied with three bright pink ribbons on the side of her head and what collectors call Spit Curls as a fringe. She wore a bright pink top with matching shorts. Her Patent was;  c 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. & Foreign Pats. Pend. Mexico.

More fashion books and doll cases were being produced in this year, also mini Barbie catalogs with up to date Barbie News. Barbie’s Fashions hi-lighted the Modern Era and often came with co-ordinating outfits and accessories.

Also released was a version of Talking Spanish Barbie who’s tiny voice device spoke Spanish instead of English (stock #8348).

The six phrases that Talking Barbie had recorded were:

  • “What shall I wear to the prom”.
  • “Stacey and I are having tea”.
  • “I have a date tonight”.
  • “Let’s have a costume party”.
  • “I love being a fashion model”.
  • “Would you like to go shopping”.

Two new dolls in 1968 Barbie Doll were Talking Christie (stock #1126) and Talking Stacey (item #1125). Talking Christie was an African American Barbie Doll; she was made from a different mold and was produced on a large scale. Mattel was the first toy manufacturer to produce these dolls on this scale.

Also produced this year was a new Skipper Twist n Turn Doll (item #1105). A second Twist n Turn Colored Francie was released and a Twist N Turn Stacey (  item # 1165) A friend for Tutti Doll was created in 1968 called ‘Buffy’ based on the popular little girl in the television show Family Affair.