1967 Barbie Doll was a changing times for the wonderful Barbie Doll, she was moving into the ‘Mod era’ (modern era). The Mods as they were better known was a time of the swinging sixties where the music was groovy, the clothes were hip and brightly coloured, long black boots, long hair, flared pants, big gawdy jewellery and the unforgettable miniskirt!

1967 Barbie seen the release of a fabulous new doll, The Twist n Turn Barbie Doll (item #1160). This new doll was fresh, youthful looking and had a new sculptured face; she looked very much like a teenager instead of the sophisticated Barbie of previous years. Twist N Turn Barbie had a fully swivelling waist, bendable legs, her mouth had changed with her mouth slightly parted, long straight hair and was the first doll to have rooted eyelashes. New hair colours included Summer Sand Blonde, Bon Bon Chocolate brown, Co Co and Golden Sun Kissed. Her hair was long, straight with bangs (fringe) and a ribbon sat on the crown of her head.. Her facial make-up was much lighter and softer, but she still retained the signature red finger/toenail polish of her predecessors. She also had a new clear plastic doll stand to pose on.

The newly issued doll wore an orange/salmon coloured bikini with a fish-net cover top,and she was bare footed.

A standard Barbie was also released, her body and legs were straight and she had painted eye-lashes (stock #1190) she came dressed in a pink bikini ; the Patent on this doll was:  Midge TM c 1962 Barbie R c 1958 by Mattel.

The Twist N Turn Barbie Doll’s Patent read:  c 1966 Mattel Inc. U.S. Patented U.S. Pat. Pend. Made In Japan.  Dolls produced many years later would also bare this patent making it a little confusing for collectors, the thing to remember is that Mattel has changed the countries in which the dolls have been produced in over the years, so the only Twist N Turn dolls that belong to 1967 Barbie Doll are the ones that have Japan or Taiwan in the Patent on the dolls bottom.

1967 Barbie Doll also seen the release of the Twist N Turn Francie Barbie Doll (item #1170) dressed in a multi coloured top with pink shorts and a gold belt. A second Francie doll was also released in the same year she was Colored Francie ( stock #1100). Some Doll Collectors refer to this doll as Black Francie, she is the first African-American Barbie doll. She is dressed in a colourful printed bikini with a fish-net cover-up. All Twist N Turn Francie dolls had rooted eye lashes and bending legs.

Twist N Turn Casey (item #1180) was created this year and she was to be Francie’s new friend; she has rooted eyelashes, blue eyes and a short hair-do. She was dressed in gold shorts, white top with an overlay and a gold belt. She also has one gold earring hanging from her left ear.

Barbie Hair Fair (#4042) is a Twist n Turn waist with a side parted hair style in blonde or brunette. Accessories for this doll were a braided hair switch, a long fall, a wiglet, a wig and other hair accessories.

Colour Magic Barbie (item #1150) became available in a shrink wrapped cardboard box………. This doll is very rare to find today and quite valuable if found in excellent condition.

Other Dolls released in 1967 were TNT Twiggy Barbie (item #1185), Little Tutti Doll ( item #3580), Little Todd Doll (  item # 3590) Little Chris Doll (item #3570), (Tutti’s friend).