The Mod Era starts in 1967 (thru to 1972) with the Annual Toy Fair in New York. With the then 60’s movement changing to long hair, short mini-skirts, long black boots, loud coloured pastel clothing, flares and bold jewellery. Barbie would have to move with the times if she was going to be hip and popular, and so to keep up with The Mod Era (Mod short for Modern) a new doll was born, The Twist n Turn Barbie Doll.

This new transformed doll was flexible and more youthful looking which meant the sophisticated, cultured, and grown up doll of the early 60’s would have to move over a little to make way for the new hip, teenage looking model. The Mod Era was going to be fun and outgoing and Barbie wasn’t about to miss out on that!

These dolls would still be classified as Vintage Dolls up to the year 1972. Alot of The Mod Era Barbie Dolls are rare to find today, very collectable and command high prices when they do come up for sale. It would prove to be an exciting time for the Barbie doll, the children who loved her and the adult collectors who admired and loved her also……. Many more new and innovative dolls would be produced and released including new family and friends of Barbie.

1967 would see a wonderful promotion done by Mattel (which looking back was a kind and generous thing to do for the children). To introduce the new Twist n Turn Barbie doll and to ensure that children who wished for the new doll were able to acquire one, (and for one reason or another could not afford one), Mattel came up with the idea of trading one of your old dolls in for a new one! All they asked was for you to give up one of your old doll plus $1.50 to be posted to them and they would ship a new Twist N Turn doll out to you. Wow! what a wonderful idea and it took off way beyond Mattels expectations.

The Mod Era seen thousands upon thousands of older dolls returned to Mattel which they in turn, MattelĀ then donated the used dolls to charity. Mattel did not keep any accounts of the returned dolls and this is the main reason why so many dolls from those early years (1959 – 1965) are so rare today and command very high prices if they are sold in good condition.

The Mod Era would see changing styles and ideals, beautiful fresh faced dolls and great fashions. Mattel would re-launch their wonderful Barbie into a new era with a completely new look, she would be less sophisticated and more youthful with lovely long eye-lashes on some of the new dolls and many different new hair styles. What a wonderful, new and exciting time was ahead for the gorgeous Barbie Doll.

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