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  • Lyn Lusi says:

    Hi i am after a 1974 barbie doll for my daughter, could you assist me in locating a collector doll. Also a “dream of gennie” doll

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Lyn,
      I have a “I dream of Jeannie” doll link on the site, she sells for $43.
      A 1974 doll appears to be rare, so I can only suggest you keep an eye on eBay or go around the op shops.
      Thanks for visiting my site.

  • catherine galloway says:

    Hi I have an original”Skipper and Scooter” in their double case. I am not sure if anyone would be interested in them and how would I go about selling them. Thankyou for your help.

  • susan says:

    I am looking for a collector of vintage barbies. I believe that I may have a 1959 or 1960 blonde ponytail Barbie.
    Please contact me if you can help.
    Thank you

  • Rucha Paralikar says:

    Respected Sir,
    As my hobby i design indian n western outfits for barbie dolls. I am interested to show you those and design for you if given a chance. pls contact me and let me know your email add. so that i can show you Some of my designs. Thank you.

  • Donna says:

    I am looking for a My First Barbie Doll? Thank You.

  • Warren Hard says:

    I have a Mint in sealed Box 1966 Twist n Turn Brunette Barbie Model 1160 Sealed never opened and am looking for a buyer. If you know where I might be able to sell this let me know. Thanks

  • Hi we have a Blossom Beauty Barbie and was wondering what year she was released in and how much they sell for she is still in the box never opened from what we can remember we have had her for over 13 years if you could help with these questions that would be good thanks .

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Leslee,
      she was released in 1991 & the value MIB (mint in box) is $40.
      Thanks for looking at our site.

  • Rachel Spartz says:

    Hi I have a 1961 White Ginger bubblecut barbie and not sure where the best place to sell her would be. She is unplayed with in the box with black wire stand. I’m not a doll collector and looking to sell. Thank you !

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Sorry I’m so long getting back to you but I have found that in 2002 one in the condition your talking it was valued at $925, so your holding a very rare Doll in mint condition, be careful how you sell it.
      See if you can find a Barbie doll convention & take it along, they will fight over it & you will get a very good price for her.
      If your thinking of putting it on eBay, start with a price your willing to except, because I have seen some disappointing sales & some very good one’s there.
      Hope I’ve helped & Good Luck

  • itmediax says:

    Hey there thanks for the quality post, i had a good read.

  • James Hastings says:

    You should make a Barbie without hair naming her breast cancer Barbie to honor the little integrating cancer.for one it makes a lot of little ladies happy and proud to fight the disease second profit margins go through the roof but mainly think of those little ones or their mom’s going through their times of trouble be sure to incorporate pink shirt and accessories sincerely James Hastings age39

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