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The Happy Holiday Barbie Doll 1994 is the stunning seventh doll of this great collectible series and Barbie is dressed in a soft gold frock that is full and trimmed with faux fur. The gown has a lace under-skirt that flares the skirt out. The gown has long sleeves and the bodice is accentuated with lovely little sequins, berries, beads and holly. Barbie is adorned with long earrings and a …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2007

The Holiday Barbie 2007 is truly inspired by Christmas and was named the “Miss Clause” Barbie and is number nine …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 1999

The Holiday Barbie Doll 1999 is the first in the new series and is a beautiful doll named The Millennium …Read the Rest

Happy Holidays series Barbie Doll was first created and issued in November 1988. The first doll in the series is …Read the Rest