Skipper Doll

December 20, 2011


old pic - 1st Skipper reroot attempt

Image by Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka via Flickr

Skipper Doll was born into the Barbie family in 1964 and she was an instant hit as Barbie’s little sister….. She came in between a baby doll (for little girls)and the teenage Barbie doll (for older girls). Skipper was very savvy for parents to buy for their younger children that had out grown baby dolls.

She instantly came out with an additional 10 outfits that could be purchased over time to build your very own Skipper wardrobe! These outfits were beautiful co-ordinates to match Barbie’s, so everywhere Barbie went so did her little sister, perfectly co-ordinated…..

In 1965 a whole new wardrobe was designed for Skipper and it was equally as popular as her original outfits.

Some of her new outfits comprised of bright pretty pastels for sunny day picnics, dancing party frocks, and fun time sporty outfits just to name a few.

In time Skipper would also have her own furniture line and a car for her to drive, when she grew up of course!

Today the Skipper Doll is very collectable and can command high prices for dolls still in original outfits, or in their original sale boxes….. It is not out of the question to see a doll fetch up to and over $300 for a mint doll, and serious doll collectors will pay high prices for pristine mint dolls especially if they are still in their original boxes.

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