The Happy Holiday Barbie Doll 1997 is the tenth of the series and only the second brunette doll manufactured along with the blonde doll in the series; the African-American doll was also made. The 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie was released as a limited edition in the blonde version and many more brunette dolls were produced in this year. It is suggested that the brunette dolls are much more popular and collectible today than the blonde doll, even tho the blonde dolls are much rarer and thus very valuable and collectible to the serious Barbie Doll Collector……  This beautiful doll is wearing a white and red full gown with lots of gold accents and puffed shoulder sleeves. She is adorned with a gold and red tiara, and the same accents are in the earrings and choker she is wearing. The African- American doll was produced alongside the blonde and brunette versions.

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