The Happy Holiday Barbie Doll 1988 is the first in this remarkable series and is now a very rare Barbie Doll to acquire as the production of this doll was limited and sold out as soon as it hit the shop shelves. Some time ago I was told that one sold on eBay for around $800 as it was in mint condition still in the original box, never opened.

This gorgeous doll is dressed in a full red tulle lace dress adorned with a long silver ribbon; her golden hair is long and full of lush curls and the same silver ribbon is attached to the crown of her head. The gown is full from the waist to her tiny feet in red shoes and she has a small necklet that looks like tiny simulated pearls.

Every doll through-out the series comes beautifully boxed and with its individual doll stand for that year.

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