Happy Holidays series

August 28, 2010

Happy Holidays series Barbie Doll was first created and issued in November 1988. The first doll in the series is a beautiful blonde Barbie dressed in a full layered red tulle lace frock with a silver bow in her hair and one that went the full length of her frock. This doll today is highly sort after by collectors as she is twenty years old and hard to find.

The Happy Holidays series is based on the Christmas theme and only one per year is released, so this makes them very special to serious Barbie doll collectors.

The 1988 issue of this doll is especially valuable these days as Mattel under produced this first doll and she sold out within days of being released. By December of that year the price of the doll had doubled and in the following year collectors were prepared to pay up to four times the dolls original market value. I recently was told that a 1988 Happy Holidays Doll

that is in pristine condition and still in her original box was sold for around $5,000. Another was up for sale for $7,000. This doll had never been removed from her box and was in excellent condition (including the condition of the box).

Every Happy Holidays Series doll since 1988 has been more obtainable due to a larger production of them. This series is quite valuable and a beautiful asset to any Barbie Doll Collection.

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