Happy Holiday Barbie Doll Series ran from the year 1988 until 1998 & it fast became extremely popular, so much so, that the department stores ran out of stock soon after receiving it! In the first couple of years, the stores would sell out within hours! The Happy Holiday Barbie Doll became a huge collectable item amongst doll collectors all over the world.

The 1st Barbie in the series was a beautifully dressed doll in a bright Christmas red tulle lace gown with silver ribbons adorning her long blonde wavy hair & the same ribbon was attached to her dress at the waist. This doll could exceed $800.00 these days if it was in mint condition, in its original box, unopened.

The Happy Holiday Barbie Doll Series, no matter which year it was, would sell-out in retail stores within days, (sometimes within hours) of going on the shelves! The dolls were reasonably priced at the time of sale, but today can (and do) command alot more dollars to the second-hand and collector markets. Some dolls were manufactured in small amounts and once sold out, would never be seen again, until one comes up for sale, and if it is a rare doll, then it can sell for a small fortune!

It’s suggested that Mattel had under-estimated the popularity of this series and hence the production of dolls was kept to a certain amount. By the early nineties the popularity had sky-rocketed and the general public together with doll collectors were screaming out for more and thus a larger production of the following years dolls were made; but the early dolls of 1988 – 1990 are quite rare and expensive when they do come up for sale.

The sad part is that the Happy Holiday Barbie Doll Series only ran for a short ten years and it is said that it was & still is one of the most collectible of all the Barbie Doll Series. Each year after 1999 the series went to what’s now known as the Holiday Barbie Doll which is released before Christmas each year. It’s suggested that they have not been quite as popular as the previous ten years of dolls, but are still sort after and collected by doll collectors young & old, all over the world.

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