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Designer Jewellery Barbie is World's Most Expensive

Designer Jewellery Barbie is World's Most Expensive

Author: Martin Hofschroer

A Barbie doll adorned with designer jewellery will go under the hammer in New York this October.

Christie’s auction house in the Big Apple will attempt to sell the world’s most expensive Barbie, wearing a diamond necklace designed by Stefano Canturi, for a price estimated between £188,950 and £314,935.

All profits from the sale will go towards The Breast Cancer Research Fund and it is hoped that the price will exceed the previous world record auction total of &pound10;,765 paid for a 1965 Barbie in Midnight Red set in 2006.

The doll’s necklace incorporates three carat white carré and baguette-cut diamonds on its collar with a one carat emerald-cut pink diamond from the Australian Argyle mine as its centrepiece.

Stefano Canturi, of designer jewellery firm Canturi, said: “Barbie is iconic and so I didn’t just want to cover her with diamonds, I wanted the jewellery design to pay homage to her modern yet timeless style, this is why I applied my Cubism design concept to her look; it is perfect for her.”

The necklace weighs two stone and Christie’s head of jewellery Rahul Kadakia said that there was interest in the auction from all over the world, according to BBC News.

Two more female celebrities have jumped on the designer jewellery bandwagon by announcing that they will be launching their own ranges of trinkets and charms.

Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh revealed that she will follow in the footsteps of her band mate Cheryl Cole by designing a range of jewellery although her brand is to be aimed at the mid-price market.

She said: “I like jewellery, I feel at least that keeps its worth. I can’t really justify spending a lot of money on clothes when there are so many other things I could spend it on, like saving for a mansion.”

Celebrity weekly InTouch has reported that Twilight actress Nikki Reed is the latest celebrity to create her own collection of jewellery as she is close to signing a deal with a mystery collaborator.

She told the publication: “I’m working on collaborating with someone to create a line because I’m really into jewellery. I’m super into this skull thing right now.”

In other designer jewellery news, supermodel Kate Moss has lent her support to Hertfordshire-based retailer and designer Alyssa Smith for her creation of a vintage inspired key necklace in oxidised silver, gold and black onyx.

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