Twist n Turn Barbie

November 8, 2011

Torso di Barbie

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In 1967 Mattel took the amazing step of giving Barbie a face lift, rejuvenating the already beautiful doll to a stunning doll with real eye-lashes, a soft more modern hair style and a twist n turn barbie waist! Now Barbie was very posable and she came with a new fantastic wardrobe comprising of new fab outfits!

In this same year Mattel came up with a Trade-in program to market and sell their new line of dolls. Little girls everywhere were given the chance to trade in their “old Barbies” and add the sum of $1.50, to receive a brand new, younger looking version of Barbie……

This strategy paid off big time for Mattel and exceeded their expectations……… but this is most likely the reason why alot of those “old Barbies” From the early 60’s are so rare or hard to find today. Many of the dolls handed in were sent to under-privileged children or good-will out-lets, or destroyed. In saying that……. these early dolls can fetch big dollars if they do become available for sale…. (usually out of someone’s collection).

The dolls from the 60’s are usually identified by the markings on their bottoms, the trade mark will bear the name of Barbie/Midge and the year of manufacture.

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