Bubblecut Barbie Dolls

November 25, 2011

Bubblecut Barbie Dolls are one of the most prized and collected of all Barbie dolls…… They are elegant, smart, sophisticated, gorgeous dolls and are one of my favorites.

There is the suggestion that all Bubblecut dolls are much the same with the exception of their hairĀ  color……. This is so not true, yes they have different hair colors but they also have different lip colors, and if you look hard enough, their eye color can differ also. Limbs, heads, torso’s etc were sometimes mixed and matched among dolls to.

There are 3 main versions of Bubblecuts and they are blonde, brunette, and redhead. Bubblecut dolls were first introduced in 1961 and production ceased in 1966. There are six different shades of blonde dolls including white ginger (rare) strawberry blonde (rare), platinum blonde and light blonde.

Bubblecut dolls from the 1st year (1961) were characterized by shortly cropped hair styles with dark red lip stick and dark nail polish. These dolls did not have the sunglasses that the dolls to follow would have and they came with a black wire stand. There were three shades of blonde, one brunette and titian (red).

The 2nd year (1962) Barbie still had tight cropped hair and was dressed in a red bathing suit and red shoes. Included was a fashion booklet and a black wire stand.

The 3rd year (1963) bought out the most noticeable bubblecut due to her massive amounts of curly hair! There was more lip and nail colors also among these dolls. The brunette color is more like a dark brown instead of jet black and the titian seems to be more red.

Bubblecut Barbie Dolls are some of the most beautiful barbie dolls ever made and will always be highly collectable and loved amongst doll collectors and doll lovers alike.

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