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November 11, 2011


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Barbie’s fashions have soared in popularity since the early 60’s and incredibly she probably has the most vast fashion wardrobe in the known universe…….!

Many of her original fashions from the 60’s are hotly sort after today by doll collectors and can come with equally hot price tags if in original excellent condition. Better yet if the fashion outfit is in mint condition, still in it’s packaging, then the sky is the limit as to what some serious doll collectors will pay.

A girlfriend of mine knows of a lady who has been collecting Barbie dolls and all to do with anything Barbie for many decades and she will pay almost any price to obtain a Barbie collectable (especially fashion outfits)  that she may not have.

Some of the most notable and collectable Barbie fashions are:

  • Fun ‘N Games  #1619,
  •  Sporting Casuals  #1671,
  • Dancing Doll  #1626,
  • Slumber Party  #1642,
  • Ballerina  #989,
  • Icebreaker  #942,
  • Silken Flame  #977,
  • Disco Date  #1633,
  • Red Flare  #939,
  • Easter Parade  #971,
  • Career Girl  #954,
  • Saturday Matinee   #1615,
  • Knit Hit   #1621.

Barbie’s fashions can be as important to collectors as the doll herself, and as many of the early fashions have been played with and used it can be difficult to find outfits in good condition let alone excellent or mint condition. They are out there thou and do come up for sale occasionally, especially from people who were collecting dolls and fashions in the early 60’s, had them stashed away in attics or cupboards and are now aware of the value of what they have!

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