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December 5, 2010

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The Barbie Dream House is a dream house in many aspects and is something that most young girls who are fans of everything Barbie, yearn for on a daily basis. It is their dream to own the Barbie Dream House and most definitely something to aspire to in every single birthday and Christmas wish list they have.

The Barbie Dream House is also unfortunately beyond the scope of many people to buy, which is why they end up getting something which while not quite the Barbie Dream House, is something along the same lines.

I can personally attest to the fact that owning the Barbie Dream House is (almost) every little girl’s fantasy and something they yearn for with every little beat of their hearts. It is also a sad but true fact that I never got my Barbie Dream House, although in retrospect I can say that I never suffered because of that.

Instead, I became creative and made my own version of the Barbie Dream House to which I added all manner of interesting things like plates made out of soda bottle lids, food made from staples (which I diligently made by spending five minutes alone with the stapler!), and a table made from cardboard with a tablecloth of one grandmother’s fine handkerchiefs.

I also, I have to say, had an absolutely stunning bed with a lovely pillow which my sister diligently sewed for me, and oh, I also swiped a few of the checkers pieces for pies and cakes and whatnot to include in my own personal Barbie Dream House.

That said, there are many young girls whose dreams do come true every year and these girls join the legion of young woman who down through the ages and many incarnations of Barbie herself, have treasured their Barbie Dream House. The various Barbie dream houses have changed so that you will find different looks to the house throughout the years.

One Barbie Dream House that was advertised used to show a three storey house with a number of rooms that girls could arrange to their hearts content. Also the various utilities like sinks and showers had the capability of working realistically.

There was a doorbell that rang when you pressed the bell. This particular Barbie Dream House was sometimes sold as fully furnished or unfurnished. The unfurnished Barbie house had many decorating possibilities for young girls.

The new Barbie Dream House which is the new incarnation of a girl’s dream has three stories too where your daughter will have hours of fun. There is only one drawback to the newer dream houses that I can see. And that is the dream price of a Barbie Dream House.

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