Barbie Doll 5th Edition exploded onto the toy market in 1961, still manufactured as # 850, or Barbie 5 to collectors. There were two dolls released, the beautiful Ponytail Barbie and the new stunning Bubble-cut (hairstyle) Barbie. The two dolls are identical in looks, have the same black and white bathing suit, white rimmed sunglasses, black shoes and pearl stud earrings. The dolls also have red nail and toe polish which looks stunning and just finishes off the dolls look.

The Bubble-cut hair style looks a little like the bee-hive hairstyle that many women sported many years before….. (without the height.) The Bubble-cut is rounded,soft and tightly spun to sit beautifully on Barbie’s head, not a hair out of place!

The boxes that she was sold in were also the same except they were identified by the words Ponytail or Bubble-cut on the box. The boxes today are almost as collectible as the dolls!

In 1961 Mattel also introduced wrist tags for all their dolls that read: “Genuine Barbie By Mattel.”

Mattel released a new hair color to go with the now popular blonde and brunette; the new color was Titian (a warm redhead color.)

Now Barbie had three beautiful hair colors and two great hair-styles just to keep the avid doll collector on their toes!

To identify unique vintage dolls of 1961, look for the trademark description on the dolls bottom, usually the right-hand side cheek. Reproduction dolls do not have the registered marks on their backside.

Barbie doll 5th edition, like her predecessors, command hundreds of dollars if you are lucky enough to find one in pristine condition.

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