Barbie Doll 3rd Edition was released early in 1960, still with the manufacture code of # 850, but known to collectors as Barbie number 3. This version of Barbie was manufactured with a softer, toned down look…… Many described the first 2 versions of the doll (in 1959) as being a bit too sophisticated for young girls.

This did not discourage the general public sales of beautiful Barbie as she continued to climb the top sales ladders  and adult doll collectors were also impressed with her new look.

The new #850 Barbie was revised with her facial make-up made softer, her eyebrows were now rounded instead of the sharp V-shape and her eye irises were now blue. She still had her red lipstick and tiny red dot in each nostril. Barbie still retained her popular red nail and toe polish too.

Some dolls still retained the blue eye-liner, whilst others were given a new light brown color which gave new highlights to the dolls softer eyes. Some dolls still came out with the loop style earrings and others were given a new look with gorgeous little pearl studs.

She still had her signature black and white bathing suit, black slip-on shoes,high ponytail, curly fringe (bangs) and fashion booklet, which today (the booklet) is hard to find with the doll as many were destroyed in children’s play.

When trying to track down one of these vintage dolls today, make sure you check for the original registered trademark on the dolls bottom, usually on the right cheek. This gives validity to the vintage of the doll as reproduction dolls do not have this. Also many of the early vintage dolls may have JAPAN on one of their feet.

Mattel placed the letter “R” for registered, (instead of TM for trademark) on the boxes that she was sold in.

The Barbie phenomena was starting to explode in 1960 and the new softer faced doll was very favorable.

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