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October 29, 2011


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The 1980’s was the decade of big hair for the beloved Barbie doll……. Her hair was bigger, fuller and longer than ever! Barbie’s hair is quite versatile and can usually take alot of washing, brushing and styling.

The dolls of the 80’s have plastic fiber hair which can be styled very much the same as human hair…… The full, big haired dolls take well to haircuts and styling, but need the heat from a hair dryer to set hair effectively.

Barbie dolls such as Style Magic Barbie has alot of hair that is incredibly thick and textured…… it looks great no matter how you style it. Tropical Barbie has loads of hair as well and is a dream to do up.

African Queen Barbie dolls have gorgeous dark, thick hair and looks fantastic done up high on the head. Island Fun Theresa who came out with very long hair can look spectacular with a shorter bob style hair do, if you are prepared to give her a hair cut! Practice on an old doll first thou if you’re not sure.

Over the years many a little girl has given their dolls a haircut, it is probably the number 1 most noted adjustment made to a child’s Barbie doll……. Sometimes the hair cut looks ok, but some turn out disastrous! So before cutting a dolls hair, take time to think about it, but if you have a doll that has had a hair cut at some stage, maybe from childhood or from a previous owner, then trimming it up to make it more acceptable won’t hurt.

I often pick up old dolls from good will shops and they usually need cleaning and yes their hair requires washing and quite often a trim or complete hair re-do!

So if you have dolls from the 80’s that have lots of thick, wayward hair and you think you can improve it then give it a go, but only cut a little at a time…….. you can’t put back what you have cut off!

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