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10 Hot Toys for Girls This Christmas

10 Hot Toys for Girls This Christmas

Author: Renee Calis

Wondering what to get your little girl this holiday season? Other than the usual clothes and accessories, it can be a bit challenging figuring out just what your daughter hopes to find under the Christmas tree this year. Here’s a few recommendations to help you find the perfect gift for her this Christmas.

Zhu Zhu Pets
What Is It? – Cute little pet hamsters that "Zoom Zoom."
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters zoom back and forth, chirping, squeaking, and changing direction just like a real hamster would!
What Should I Look For? – Grey, White, and Tan hamsters, with accompanying Zhu Zhu hamster ball, hamster wheel, and the gigantic multi-playset hamster city. Also be on the look out for the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster House Starter Set; not only does it come with a cool little hamster playset, but the limited edition Zhu Zhu Hamster Patches as well! Patches can only be found in this starter set so which makes it all the more special!
Availability? – Hard to Find. The Zhu Zhu Pets are arguably the hottest Christmas toy for young girls and boys this holiday season; so get them wherever you can find one, or wait til after Christmas for the excitement to die down a bit.

Liv Fashion Dolls
What Is It? – Barbie’s with interchangeable hairstyles and other cool options.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – These girls have unique interchangeable hair styles, plastic socketed, not painted on, eyes, and multiple points of articulation for a wide variety of poses.
What Should I Look For? – Barbie meets Bratz dolls with a more contemporary look than the former, and less attitude than the latter.
Availability? – Easy to find. Lots of stock on hand

Moxie Girlz
What Is It? – Liv Fashion Dolls meets the Bratz
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – Another contemporary doll line by the makers of the highly successful Bratz. Moxie Girlz still have attitude, but toned down in favor of more design and art-centric pursuits.
What Should I Look For? – "Nice" looking Bratz dolls more interested in Sharpee markers than makeup.
Availability? – Easy to find. Lots of stock on hand

Twilight New Moon Dolls
What Is It? – Twilight New Moon dolls are "the other hot property" for girls this year.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – Romantic vampires and werewolves going through their young adulthood phase spark the imaginations of both young and old(er) girls alike.
What Should I Look For? – Any Twilight New Moon dolls/figures available will be a hit. Particularly Edward, Bella, and Jacob, as their young lovers triangle forms the crux of the Twilight New Moon storyline (and are the most popular characters so far.)
Availability? – Easy to find. There are three different Twilight New Moon doll and "action figure" lines available: Twilight Barbie dolls, limited edition Tonner collectors dolls, and Neca pose-able "action figures." Both Neca and Barbie dolls should be easy to find just about anywhere, while the Tonner Twilight dolls will be typically obtainable from more specialty retailers (i.e. Amazon has a few Exclusive Amazon only Tonner Twilight dolls, available only through Amazon.com or their retail partners.)

2009 Barbie Holiday Doll
What Is It? – Mattel’s yearly limited Holiday edition Barbie doll.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – Extra attention to detail and higher quality in every facet of this holiday edition; celebrating not only the holidays but the 50th anniversary of Barbie as well.
What Should I Look For? – Deluxe keepsake packaging perfect for year round display.
Availability? – Easy to find. Buy them now though as Holiday Barbie’s are only available for their year’s holiday season.

Elmo Tickle Hands
What Is It? – "Elmo hands" for your little girl.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – These big gloves for little hands vibrate when pressed against a surface, causing a "tickle" motion.
What Should I Look For? – Big furry red gloves.
Availability? – Easy to find. Lots of stock on hand.

FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat
What Is It? – A lifelike replica cat.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – Similar to Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters, Lulu the Cuddlin Kitty is highly interactive with sensors that triggers meows, purring, and limited movement, all without the fuss of having a real cat.
What Should I Look For? – A cute and cuddly reddish orange and white furred feline.
Availability? – Easy to find. Lots of stock on hand; don’t forget the batteries!

HP Mini 110-1127NR 10.1-Inch Pink Netbook
What Is It? – A pretty in pink "starter" laptop computer.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – At only 10.1 inches, this netbook is the perfect portable computer for your daughter’s school work, email, and social networking. Web ready, on the go, and super light with an estimated battery life of up to 8 hours, and it’s pink!
What Should I Look For? – A nice, sub-$400 netbook.
Availability? – Easy to find. Netbooks are hot this year, with many manufacturers making them; which means great availability and pricing competition. Be sure not to forget the matching netbook sleeve to protect your daughters new computer from the elements.

Nintendo DSi
What Is It? – A mid life refresh for Nintendo’s top spot hand held game system.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – Built in cameras and microphones add a new level of interactivity and fun for girls and boys alike.
What Should I Look For? – Similar in style to the original Nintendo DS (which is still available) but with a small "i" in the logo.
Availability? – Easy to find. Stock seems to be generally healthy with the DSi this year.

Apple iPod Touch
What Is It? – The latest, greatest iPod currently available.
What Makes This Toy Fun For My Daughter? – With this she’ll be able to listen to her music or watch a movie while updating her Facebook at the mall.
What Should I Look For? – A very cool palm sized touch screen, with 64gb or 32gb options being the best bang for your buck.
Availability? – Easy to find. Apple looks to have produced enough stock of the iPod Touch for this holiday season.

While there are many more options available, these are your best bets for your daughter this Christmas. Time to get shopping!

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