Holiday Barbie Series

The Holiday Barbie 2010 is number twelve in the series and is wearing lovely Christmas colors of red, white and gold. The long full dress is made up of a white skirt, coupled with a red and gold woven bodice and a dropped waist. This beautiful Barbie Doll dress is accessorized with a red wrap from the shoulder to the full length of the skirt. She has a long red …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2009

The Holiday Barbie 2009 is the eleventh doll in this collectible series and celebrates Barbie’s 50th birthday/anniversary. She is wearing …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2008

The Holiday Barbie 2008 is an awesome doll celebrating the 20th anniversary of the combined Happy Holiday and Holiday Barbie …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2007

The Holiday Barbie 2007 is truly inspired by Christmas and was named the “Miss Clause” Barbie and is number nine …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2006

The Holiday Barbie 2006 is the eighth collectible doll of the series and is also designed by Bob Mackie for …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2005

The Holiday Barbie 2005 looks stunning in her burgundy and silver long gown with glittering accents, she is the seventh …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2004

The Holiday Barbie 2004 is the sixth Barbie in this series from Mattel and she reminds me of the medi-evil …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2003

The Holiday Barbie 2003 is the fifth doll of this great series and the first of the new theme named …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2002

The Holiday Barbie 2002 is the fourth doll of the collection and gives us a sophisticated celebration Barbie. Her name …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2001

The Holiday Barbie 2001 is the third delightful doll of the new series and is a vision in a shimmering …Read the Rest

Holiday Barbie 2000

The Holiday Barbie 2000 is the second doll presented in the new series and hails in the New Millennium and …Read the Rest