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  Barbie’s fashions have soared in popularity since the early 60’s and incredibly she probably has the most vast fashion wardrobe in the known universe…….! Many of her original fashions from the 60’s are hotly sort after today by doll collectors and can come with equally hot price tags if in original excellent condition. Better yet if the fashion outfit is in mint condition, still in it’s packaging, then the …Read the Rest

  The 1980’s was the decade of big hair for the beloved Barbie doll……. Her hair was bigger, fuller and …Read the Rest

Barbie Doll 4th Edition

Barbie Doll 4th Edition still comes under the code of #850, but to her devoted fans she is Barbie number …Read the Rest

<strong>Christmas barbie dolls</strong> Isn

The christmas barbie dolls blog was created to be a hub of all the enthusiasts and even the experts to …Read the Rest

Christmas barbie dolls is quite a popular subject, and you will find some information in the article below. This should …Read the Rest

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