Ken Doll 1st Edition

April 20, 2011

Ken Doll 1st Edition was produced in early March 1961, and he was introduced to the world as Barbie’s boyfriend. The 1st Ken doll had a nice “boy next-door” face with blue eyes and short flocked hair, usually in the hair colours of blonde, brown or brunette.

He is dressed in red swimming trunks with a white strip on each side of the thigh. He comes packaged in a white box with pictures of barbie and ken fashions printed on it. Also printed on the box is “Ken Barbie’s Boyfriend.” Packaged with him was a pair of sandals, a bright yellow towel, a doll stand for him to pose on and a pink Barbie and Ken fashion booklet.

Just like the new Barbie dolls of 1961, Ken is also wearing a wrist tag that says “Genuine Ken By Mattel.”

He was manufactured as Ken doll # 750.

Later in the same year, Ken also was released with a red and white jacket, this replaced his yellow towel. The pink fashion booklet was changed to a blue one.

A Ken doll number 1 in mint condition today would command many hundreds of dollars as he is very collectible to doll collectors everywhere.

Ken doll, Barbie’s boyfriend, has his 50th birthday celebration this year……. Happy birthday Ken!

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