Barbie Doll Collecting

March 16, 2011

In 1959 no-one could envisage how the humble little blonde doll known as Barbie would ( in the next few years) explode into the wonderful world of Barbie Doll Collecting. Today, she is indeed an icon and we have the great company of Mattel to thank for many wonderful years of Barbie….

For the new wave of collectors and novices, the huge amount of dolls now on the market can be a little over-whelming, but for those wanting to go back to the beginning and collect the early Barbie doll, then that can be a whole new education! So the following information is to try and help those trying to find/identify the early dolls. I will do my best to help you identify Barbie in her early years, but I am no expert, it is just what I’ve learn’t since I started collecting Barbie Dolls about 4 years ago.

So I hope the following posts of information will help you with your Barbie Doll Collecting.

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