Barbie Doll 4th Edition

April 13, 2011

Barbie Doll 4th Edition still comes under the code of #850, but to her devoted fans she is Barbie number 4. This doll was still manufactured with her black and white bathing suit, ponytail with curly fringe. Her new revisedĀ  make-up was also retained.

The most notable change with this doll was the plastic/vinyl that was used. The first 3 editions manufactured in 1959-1960 sometimes had problems with the skin tone changing a little in color over the last couple of years. Some changed to a white shade and others to a light ivory color.

The new vinyl that was used in the production of the 4th edition dolls, was successful as the dolls kept their light tan skin color.

This new line of dolls came out with tiny pearl stud earrings, which unfortunately, over the years has had a chemical reaction with the vinyl the dolls were made from and causing a green color condition. Today some of these dolls have what we collectors call “Green Ear.” If the stud earrings were left in the dolls ears for several decades, then green ear would most likely happen. Sometimes it would only affect the pierced hole or the entire ear-lobe, others would be affected badly if the green color spread to the face/head.

Green ear is not easy to clean/remove, but if in it’s early stage can be lightened in color with cleaning.

Barbie Doll 4th Edition is another prized doll for Barbie doll collectors and children of all ages.

Today she is valuable if found in mint, never removed from the box (NRFB) condition, and collectors have been known to pay many hundreds of dollars for her, whether she is blonde or brunette.

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