Barbie Doll 2nd Edition

March 26, 2011

Barbie Doll 2nd Edition was released late in the year 1959 and was nearly identical to the Number 1 Barbie Doll, but with the now noticeable omission of the copper tubing in her feet. A new and much less expensive (than putting copper tubing in her feet) doll stand was designed and manufactured by Mattel. This new stand would hold Barbie upright and support her under the arms.

This doll is known to collectors as the number 2 Barbie doll and was only sold for a short time to the public, for a few months at the end of 1959. This doll was manufactured still under the # 850 code.

These dolls have the same make-up and solid plastic body type as the 1st doll. They also have the same black and white bathing suit, jewelery, shoes and pink fashion booklet. The box she was sold in was also identical…… white with pictures of Barbie fashions.

These Barbie Doll 2nd Edition, like the 1st one, are also very rare and would be primarily owned by collectors today, as there were not a lot of them manufactured and to find one in mint (MIB) condition would be extremely rare and would only really come up if a collector was prepared to part with theirs.

Today these Barbie dolls, in mint condition, can fetch in excess of $6,000 and much more for the brunette versions.

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