Vintage Superstar Barbie

Vintage Superstar Barbie (Photo credit: Ben Lawson)

Barbie Dolls 1976 to 1980  covers a large range of dolls, way to many to describe them all individually. I will endevour to give you as many as I can, some will come with descriptions,  others merely with their item code. Barbie Dolls popularity continued to climb, everyone was talking about Barbie and what new innovations Mattel would have for us next!
Even today in the year 2011, 52 years after the 1st Barbie was released, this iconic doll has a massive world following and is collected by millions of people from all walks of life…. She is also notably one of the most searched subjects on the internet today, as people search for information about their own prized Barbie doll, or maybe a doll they had as a child….. What-ever the reason you love her, you are not alone, 52 years on Barbie continues to be one of the most highly prized, collectable and loved doll of all time……
1976 Barbie Dolls, these are some of the favorites:


  • Ballerina Barbie (# 9093), blonde hair in a ponytail with a crown on her head. She is dressed in a white ballet costume and slippers.
  • Ballerina Barbie On Tour (# 9613), same doll with extra outfits.
  • Malibu Barbie (# 1067), very similar to 1975 Malibu doll, just the boxes were changed to a new bright pink!
  • Barbie Baby-Sits (# 7882), this was an exclusive doll production for Sears Stores, this included a baby doll named Sweets with all her baby furniture, accessories and a robe.
  • Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie (# 9217), she is dressed an aqua blue dress with a white shawl, necklace & shoes. She also had a long hair-piece with a ribbon attached. She was packaged in a bright pink box.
  • Beautiful Bride Barbie (# 9599), a stunning TNT doll with side parted blonde hair and rooted eyelashes. She was dressed in a white satin gown, white head-dress and tulle veil and accessories.
  • Other dolls produced were; Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper (# 9428), D/ Quick Curl P.J (# 9218) and Cara (#9220).
  • Malibu Ken (# 1088), Francie (# 1068), P.J (# 1187), Skipper (# 1069), Christie (# 7745).
  • Now Look Ken (# 9342), Ballerina Cara (# 9528), Growing Up Skipper (# 7259), Growing Up Ginger (# 9222).

1977 Barbie Dolls:

  • SuperSize Barbie (# 9828), Barbie grew in this year to an 18 inch doll! The 1st ever! She’s dressed in a white satin bathing suit & a white and silver long skirt & accessories. Other fashions were also sold.
  • Sporting Barbie (# 9949), a Twist N Turn doll with horse riding and tennis fashions included.
  • SuperSize Bridal Barbie (# 9975), quite similar to Beautiful Bride Barbie.
  • Super Star Barbie (# 9720), she has been remodelled featuring a new smile showing her teeth, sun streaked blonde hair, & arms bent at the elbows. Pink satin gown, pink shoes and accessories.
  • Superstar Barbie In The Spotlight (# 2207), she came with extra (Best Buy) Fashions: (# 9624) & (# 9626).
  • Barbie Plus 3 Fashions (# 9953).     Barbie & her Super Fashion Fireworks (# 9805), had 4 outfits with her.
  • Equestrienne Barbie (# 9900).     Barbie & Horse Dancer (# 9948).

1978 Barbie Dolls:

  • SuperStar Barbie & SuperStar Ken (# 2422), This set was sold as a department store special & is rare today.
  • SuperStar Barbie In The Spotlight (# 2586), same as 1977 but with 2 new fashions.
  • SuperStar Barbie (# 9720), she wore a pink & silver glittering dress, pink shoes, glittering hat & accessories.
  • Fashion Photo Barbie (# 2210). Also in Fashion Photo were; P.J (# 2323)  &  Christie (# 2324).
  • A new Malibu Barbie (# 1067), also Malibu Skipper (# 1069), P.J (# 1187), Ken (# 1088), Christie (# 7745).
  • Hawaiian Barbie (# 7470), a revised addition in a new outfit and a new updated box.
  • A revised Beautiful Bride Barbie (# 9907), in an off white lace wedding dress & tulle veil & accessories.
  • Hawaiian SuperStar Barbie (# 2289), with a grass skirt, print bikini & skirt, windsurfer, lei & ukulele.
  • Pretty Picture Barbie (# 2290), wears a golden gown with sheer over skirt. Also a camera & spotlight.

1979 Barbie Dolls:

  • Kissing Barbie (# 2597), this doll was another great innovation by Mattel! You press the tab in her back, she tilts her head, puckers her lips and makes a kissing sound. Wow! She is dressed in a sheer pink dress with a print of pink lips on it, pink shoes, bunch flowers & lipstick that can be applied to her lips!
  • Kissing Barbie Special Value (# 2977), a limited pack from a dept store with an extra long yellow lace gown.
  • Ballerina Barbie (# 9093) a revised edition. Ballerina Barbie On Tour (# 9613) also a revised edition.
  • Pretty Changes Barbie (# 2598), she has short blonde hair & can wear fall hair pieces.
  • Sun Lovin’ Malibu Barbie (# 1067), she was called the “peek-a-boo” tan doll as she had visible tan lines under her blue initialed ‘B’ bikini!  She also came with a beach-bag and sunglasses.
  • Sun lovin’ Malibu P.J (# 1187), Skipper (# 1069), Ken (# 1088), & Christie (# 7745) also were produced.

1980 Barbie Dolls:

  • Beauty Secrets Barbie (# 1290), a very realistic posing doll, she has bending elbows & jointed shoulders.
  • Beauty Secrets Barbie Pretty Reflections (# 1702), she has a three-way full length mirror included.
  • Malibu Barbie The Beach Party (# 1703), dolls in pink bathers, comes in  carry case with  beach accessories.
  • Black Barbie (# 1293), 1st time Barbie herself had come out as African-American.
  • Hispanic Barbie (# 1292), Spanish doll with black hair and brown eyes in traditional dress.
  • Italian Barbie (# 1602), in a white peasant dress with green, white & red skirt, blue apron & laced shoes.
  • Parisian Barbie (# 1600), She was the 1st doll in the International Barbie Collection, dressed in a pink can-can frock with black lace trim,pantyhose,pink shoes, a garter,a black choker & a hair feather.
  • Royal Barbie (# 1601), she has a tiered white dress, shoes, red sash with medals, gold crown & accessories.
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