Barbie 1975 Dolls saw a big year for Mattel and the wonderful Barbie Doll. A promotional Barbie was produced and released for the upcoming Olympics of that year. Mattel was tied in with the official U.S Olympics Committee for a multimillion dollar advertising deal. Barbie came with her own gold medal & an Olympic patch for each child. Along with this came a special mail in offer for an Olympic record book, a child size Olympic medal and a shield to iron on. This mail offer lasted until mid 1977.

Listed below are the dolls that came out for 1975.

  • Barbie 1975 Dolls starts with: Gold Medal Barbie-(7233) the promotional doll for the Olympics. The doll was a standard Malibu Barbie dressed in a red, white & blue one piece bathing suit with a doll gold medal.
  • Gold Medal Barbie Skier-(7264) dressed in a skiing outfit with ski gear & a gold medal.
  • Gold Medal Barbie Skater-(7262) fitted out for figure skating, skates & a gold Medal.
  • Gold Medal PJ Gymnast-(7263) she was dressed for gymnastics & had a gold medal.
  • Gold Medal Ken Skier-(7261) dressed for Olympic skiing with ski’s and a gold medal.
  • Barbie & Her Olympic Wardrobe-(9044) a Sears department store exclusive.
  • Barbie Winter Sports-(9042) another exclusive for Sears.
  • Free Moving Barbie-(7270) she had a tab constructed into her back & when the tab was pulled out the dolls waist was completely movable & posable. She could bend, twist & swing a tennis racket!
  • Free Moving series included: Ken-(7280)/ PJ-(7281) / Cara-(7283) / Curtis-(7282).
  • Cara-(7283) & Curtis-(7282) were 2 new dark skin dolls in the Barbie 1975 Dolls collection.
  • Quick Curl Cara-(7291) she had long dark brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Growing Up Skipper-(7259) she was made with a rotating arm that changed Skipper from a young girl into a teenage girl with a slender waist, a bust line and almost growing an inch in height, by rotating the arm back again she went back to a young girl. This doll caused quite a bit of controversy but collectors loved her & doll sales went thru the roof!
  • Malibu Barbie-(1067) released with a new red swimsuit and a white doll box.
  • Malibu Ken-(1088) & Malibu Christie-(7745) were also released this year.
  • Hawaiian Barbie-(7470) she had long black hair, brown eyes, suntan skin, floral bikini & matching skirt, a grass skirt, ukulele, sailboat and a lei.
  • Francie-(7699) & Casey-(9000) were both released in ‘baggies’ in 1975.
  • Pose N Play Skipper was also released in a ‘baggie’, she is now a very rare blonde haired doll today.