Barbie 1970’s Dolls year of 1973 saw Mattel fall on hard times and many dolls were produced & marketed in “baggies” Barbies 1970’s Dolls era saw the comeback of the fashion booklet in 1973 & the texture of the dolls hair change. It was quite different from the texture of 1971 & 1972 hair so that it could be teased & styled without water or setting agents. Below are the dolls released in 1973.

  • Mod Hair Ken-(4224) he had rooted dark brown hair, 4 hair pieces, a beard, 2 moustaches & a set of sideburns.
  • Quick Curl Barbie-(4220) had blonde hair, twist waist, bendable knees & a new dress.
  • Quick Curl Kelley-(4221) she was a new doll made with long red hair & same size as Barbie.
  • Quick Curl Francie-(4222) had brunette hair & Q/curl Skipper-(4223) had blonde hair.
  • Note: all Quick Curl Dolls came with posing stands, fashion booklets, wrist tags, curlers, comb, brush, rubber bands, ribbons and bobby pins.
  • Malibu Christie-(7745) a new doll with long black hair, brown eyes & Twist N Turn waist.
  • Miss America Barbie-(869) was issued as a quick curl doll but with standard twist waist, bendable knee body type & wore the same outfit as the 1972 doll

Barbie celebrated her 16th birthday in 1974 & there was a huge amount of publicity around this event from newspaper & magazine articles to television coverage. Doll identification wrist tags were discontinued in Barbies 1970’s Doll year of ’74 & all six Malibu Barbie Dolls were still available throughout this year; Barbie, Skipper, Ken, Christie, PJ & Francie. Below are the dolls released in 1974.

  • Barbies Sweet 16-(7796) she was released as a limited edition promotional doll. She was dressed up in a long pink & white spotted frock & white shoes. She came with a second set of clothes, a compact, brush, comb & 4 fragranced barrettes.
  • Sun Valley Barbie-(7806) same as Malibu doll dressed in skiing costume & ski gear.
  • Sun Valley Ken-(7809) dressed in a blue & red ski outfit.
  • Newport Barbie-(7807) dressed in a sailing outfit; also a bikini & sailboat were included.
  • Yellowstone Kelley-(7808) a new doll with long red hair, twist waist & bendable legs.
  • Barbie Hair Fair Set-(4043) now with centred facing eyes.
  • Sears “Barbie Baby Sits” Set-(7882)released for Christmas ’74. Collectors rushed to buy this set as it hadn’t been seen since 1965. Barbie also had open & close eyes; this was the first time since 1964 that collectors had seen Barbie with open & close eyes.
  • All six Malibu Barbie Dolls were released again in 1974. They were made from the original Barbie mold & the 1973 doll mold.
  • Barbie Quick Curl Miss America-(8697) she was a blonde haired doll & her clothes crown & flowers were much the same as the previous Miss America Doll.