Barbie 1970 Onwards is dedicated to the next three decades of dolls that were released, some very popular some a bit controversial. There were many changes that took place to upgrade and improve Barbie 1970 onwards. Mattel would go thru some hard times financially with escalating costs of manufacturing but like all great companies would still come out on top! The Mattel factory burnt down in Mexico which was yet another blow to Mattel.

The 1970’s saw the Living Barbie Doll released which was one of the most movable dolls yet with moving wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and waist she was now fully movable and able to change into different poses!

1971 was the year Barbies eyes looked straight ahead instead of to the right.

1973 seen some dolls released in “Baggies” due to cost cuts.

1975 seen a promotional doll released for the Olympics.

Barbie really looked stunning thru the following years, not to say she never did before that, but her fresh teenage looks would make her very popular with the new era of up and coming collectors.

Mattel never dreamt that their magnificent doll would ever become more than just a Childs toy but the next few decades would open up a whole new era for them and doll collectors all over the world……..

The Barbie 1970 onwards era would see many collectors’ editions and promotional dolls released, including the very popular Happy Holiday Series of dolls that began in 1988. The elite Classique Collection series by designers Bob Mackie, Anne Klein, Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Nicole Miller would be released throughout the 1990’s. The Walt Disney Collection Dolls, the World Collection dolls depicting a different doll for every country and many, many more would be released to the delight of collectors.

Mattel would continue to step up the mark when it came to their product, always innovating and never disappointing the masses of Barbie 1970 onwards, children and adult collectors worldwide.

Many more new dolls would come onto the market and some would disappear forever. The Ken Doll would be changed several times throughout the next three decades to keep up with ever changing beautiful Barbie. Francie, Skipper, Christie, Steffie, PJ and Stacey would change with the times and new dolls would come onto the ever happenin’ scene of Barbie like Brad, Jamie and Fluff to name a few.

On a personal note I have become very passionate about the life of the icon that is Barbara (Barbie) Millicent Roberts. I only owned one Barbie (from memory) when I was a child and still have her today, but she is now in the company of many second-hand dolls I have been collecting. I hope to be in the position one day to afford many more Mint-In-Box dolls as that part of my collection is minimal, but I have a dozen or so that I am very proud of.

I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful sister who works at a large department store and looks out for Barbie specials for me to add to my collection!

Barbie has touched the hearts of many and in my opinion is up there with the great icons the world has ever seen like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and the recently departed Michael Jackson.

Barbie 1970 onwards will show just how big and wonderful she has become and will continue being for many, many more decades to come.