My Barbie Dolls is an information based site on the Beautiful Barbie, she is indeed an icon and turned fifty on the 9th of May 2009.

She looks as wonderful today as she did fifty years ago. It is estimated that one Barbie Doll is sold every second worldwide, that makes her one of the most loved and favourite toys of all time. So in saying that, it is fair to say that at some stage in our lives (for us girls mainly) we will own at least one Barbie. I would also like to make comment that there are a lot of serious male collectors of Barbie too. My Barbie Dolls will also go into the serious side of collecting dolls.

She was created in the late fifties by Ruth and Elliot Handler; she was designed on the then popular Lilli doll from Germany. Whilst holidaying in Germany Ruth purchased several Lilli dolls and seen a niche in the American market for a similar doll. The Lilli doll was a little too sexy to produce for little girls so Ruth came up with her own ideas, still wishing to have a beautiful, curvy, long legged doll, she created a sophisticated, poise doll that she hoped the American toy manufacturers would warm too. Ruth decided to name the doll after her own daughter Barbara, shortened to Barbie.( My Barbie Dolls will start with the original vintage dolls and work thru. )
So toned down but still elegant Barbie Doll made her debut at the yearly toy fair in New York in 1959, but she wasn’t accepted as well as Ruth would have liked. It was thought that the doll was frowned upon for her sophisticated looks and curvy figure. So a little more designing was done and by 1960 a 3rd doll was produced and with a more toned down, whiter look and more doll like features she was becoming accepted.
By 1961 Mattel had made the ideal doll and along with a great fashion wardrobe, which would impress even the most elite toy store, Barbie was finally taking off into the big world. By the end of 1961 Barbie was one of the biggest selling toys of all time and following hot on her heels was Ken, her boyfriend to be, modelled on the Handlers son.
I know as a little girl in the late sixties, all I wanted and wished for was my own Barbie Doll, in a pink dress. On my 7th or 8th birthday I finally received one and yes she had a pink dress and shoes. I loved her so much and to this day I still have her but now she is in the company of a collection of My Barbie Dolls as in my adult life I have become a collector.
She has become big business the world over and is a serious product for those who do collect Barbie Dolls or dolls in general. I hope you enjoy the Wonderful World of My Barbie Dolls.